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Ice Cream Cake Strain Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Feb 7

The Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain is more than it appears, though if you're searching for vanilla-scented cookie-cheese goodness, it will deliver the goods you believe it will. In addition to it's tastes, it's dominant terpenes add flashes of spice that deepen the experience. It's THC tests reasonably high, which ought to require caution from brand-new users. Otherwise, Ice Cream Cake need to be a dreamy experience.

Uncommon and potent, the indica-dominant Ice Cream Cake strain provides a sweet, creamy, wonderful taste and a stunning high to match. Showcasing the best characteristics of its moms and dad cultivars, Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33, Ice Cream Cake kicks off with a rapid-onset, uplifting, blissful, cerebral rush. However, it doesn't stop there.

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After raising the mind into a state of carefree joy, the strain delivers a sluggish, sneaking body high that gently relaxes users into a couch-locked, sedated state. A preferred amongst those with anxiety, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, both medical and recreational smokers need to certainly provide the Ice Cream Cake strain a shot.

Velvety vanilla and sweet nutty, doughy notes dominate the flavor profile of the Ice Cream Cake strain. Cheesy, earthy, and somewhat pungent notes complete ICC's mouthwatering, scrumptious taste experience.

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Ice Cream Strain Information

An indica-dominant hybrid cross in between Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33, the Ice Cream Cake strain is perfect for nighttime usage. 75% indica and 25% sativa, this sweet, velvety tasty bud is understood for its blissful, carefree cerebral results that slowly pave the way to a sedating body high.

Typically, THC levels range from 20% to 25%, while CBD levels are nearly nonexistent. Given its high THC content and lack of CBD, Ice Cream Cake produces a quite heavy-hitting, relaxing high that gets rid of any unfavorable thoughts nearly right away.

Medical users regard the strain as an exceptional choice for treating chronic pain, depression, stress and anxiety, queasiness, and insomnia. Recreational users like Ice Cream Cake for its excellent taste and uplifting, calming, and couch-lock-inducing results.


Where The Strain Is Grown

Numerous breeders have a cultivar called Ice Cream Cake in their seed library. While no one has actually pin down its specific birthplace, numerous believe the original Ice Cream Cake strain was developed by California grower, Seed Junky Genetics.

Ice Cream Cake Weed Growing Info

Ice Cream Cake is a popular strain choice for both intermediate and advanced growers. This strain can be grown inside your home and outdoors. You can anticipate a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Ice Cream Cake weed provides a big yield and tends to grow medium-tall.

Ice Cream Cake Review results

Reported by genuine individuals

716 people informed us about impacts:

Sensations, Negatives, Aids with:


89% of individuals report feeling relaxed


62% of people report feeling happy


50% of people report feeling drowsy

Dry mouth

17% of individuals report feeling dry mouth

Dry eyes

8% of people report feeling dry eyes


3% of people report feeling dizzy


27% of individuals say it helps with anxiety


22% of people say it helps with tension


19% of people state it assists with anxiety