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Best Trading Signals 2022

Feb 22

There are many ways for using the best trading signals to improve your trading style. There is no reason for a novice trader to use real money right away. After all, there are many platforms with which you can do paper trading (including Tradingview).

Paper trading is basically fictitious investing; investing with fake money.

According to professional investors, this is the perfect stepping stone to the real thing. Anyone who starts trading should learn a system based on a simple set of guidelines for entries, exits and, in general, for risk management.

2. Trading without a stop loss

Novice traders tend to trade emotionally, which manifests itself in refusing to accept losses quickly.

However, the most essential skill a trader must possess is the ability to accept a loss and move on to the next trade. Not doing this is the main reason traders lose money.

Set a stop loss, and don't move it when the trade goes against you, as this behavior will likely blow up your account.

However, what is a stop loss? This is a sell order that will not be executed until the exchange has crossed the pre-specified price (trigger). This all happens automatically once the stop loss has been set. With a stop loss you can minimize your loss and get out of a stock if the market falls.

Let's give an example to illustrate:

You have bought a share of a cryptocurrency for 300 euros in the past. The current exchange rate is 350 euros.

Now you want to secure your profit. If the price falls below 320 euros, you want to sell your shares. You therefore set the trigger limit at 320 euros.

Suppose: The price falls to 318.95 euros.
The trigger is activated and your order is executed for 318.95 euros.

Most crypto trading platforms (Coinbase, Kraken, Binance) have a stop loss feature